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The love for momo and sushi inspired this unique fusion and formation of two worlds at Moshi. Moshi is a one of a kind QSR in Dubai that offers both Nepalese and Japanese delicacies. Moshi aims to be a QSR and provide quality food prepared with authentic ingredients.

Momo is made out of flour or wheat flour coating with filling of your choice of meat or vegetables rolled to steam, pan fry, or deep fry to your preference. It is served with a spicy tomato or sesame based dipping sauce. Sushi is centuries old Japenese staple dish. Although commonly misconstrued for solely raw fish, there are different types of sushi.
Maki Roll - cooked or raw strips of fish and vegetables rolled into nori (seaweed paper) and vinegared rice
Nigiri - strips of fish hand pressed over a ball of vinegared rice
Sashimi - raw strips of fresh fish served without rice
Sushi is served with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. 

Moshi is also the first QSR in Dubai to offer a wide variety of vegetarian momos and sushi. From Edamame, to Tofu, to Falafel - they put together clients’ favorite veggies into delectable momos and maki rolls. Furthermore, most of the vegetarian maki rolls are rolled using soybean paper instead of the traditionally used seaweed paper.

 The size of a typical MOSHI MOMO & SUSHI outlet is between 600 sq. feet and 1500 sq. feet. MOSHI MOMO & SUSHI serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers with a 60 to 80 transactions per day per outlet.


  • Exclusive license to use the MOSHI MOMO & SUSHI trademarks and trade dress in the franchised territory
  • Exclusive license to the use of the MOSHI MOMO & SUSHI marketing and operational systems
  • Assistance in the location selection
  • Construction specifications
  • Assistance in the construction of the franchised unit
  • Supply of equipment and furniture for the franchise unit (if required & depending on locations)
  • Assistance in the pre-operational stage
  • Training to the franchisee’s staff
  • Preparation of the marketing campaign to launch the franchised unit in its territory
  • Permanent support & assistance
  • Signage and other branding elements for the decoration of the franchised unit
  • Permanent marketing assistance and support Operations and Management Manuals
  • Assistance in the supply and if needed



28 Days training program
  • 10 - 14 days at headquarters
  • 10 - 14 days on-site (Soft Opening Training)
Site selection
  • Printed materials
  • Marketing strategies
Ongoing research and development
  • Pricing and promo schemes


  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee – AED 85,000
  • Area Development Franchise Fee – AED 340,000 (for minimum 5 Units)
  • Ongoing Royalty – 6%
  • Advertising Fee 2%
  • Marketing Fund – 2%