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It all started as a home business in 2013 by the CEO and founder of Meme's Curry, Chef Shehab Al-Attar. He started advertising in social media, with one driver to distribute for home deliveries. The following months, his partner, Yousef Ghareeb participated in exhibitions alongside with their friends to form a "Japanese themed restaurant with Kuwaiti staff".

By Oct 5th 2014, Meme's Curry Restaurant was born. It all started with only 22 square meters serving only 3 tables.

The restaurant is specialized in Japanese Curry Sauce (first in Kuwait) and urban style dine in experience which make it more cozy and friendly environment. In other words, we make it fun to go out eating with friends and family.

A MEME’S CURRY Restaurant is shaped by its unique image and is marked by the urban MEME’S CURRY RESTAURANT philosophy. The recognition and identification value is based by the interior of the “Japanese Street Food Concept”.

The Company values apply not only with regard to the interior but also when dealing with guests. An ambiance of comfort and familiar coziness is established from the first visit.

The features of a MEME’S CURRY restaurant include product quality, menu compositions and competitive price-performance-ratio. These aspects also generate the required recognition and identification value.

At MEME’S CURRY, the guests are the Centre of all our actions. In other words, we are especially oriented towards the loyalty of our guests.

The principles of business management also include fairness in dealing with the staff of the restaurant. Fairness means that the staff is treated equally, that legal regulations are observed and that the restaurants are viewed as being a “Hands-On Management”. Fairness does not mean for the employer to “associate” with the staff or show weakness, but rather to install a healthy mix of loyalty, trust among colleagues and leadership. Fairness also includes honesty and integrity whenever there are disputes with the staff. Treating the people who work for us fairly is the goal and the objective of all participants in the system. This has direct effect on the “atmosphere” of the restaurant and thus its success with guests.

Our goal is to provide our customers a unique dining experience with its urban Japanese’s concept and modern customer service, also to serve the customers the best food quality and fun atmosphere which is why our motto say “Time to get addicted”.

Our vision is to establish a unique Japanese Curry restaurant throughout the world through committed professionalism in everyday business and creating a positive change in our own employees and in the community at large.

To reach worldwide expansion and be one of the most successful restaurants in the world. 


  • Exclusive license to use the Meme’s Curry trademarks and trade dress in the franchised territory
  • Exclusive license to the use of the Meme’s Curry marketing and operational systems
  • Assistance in the location selection
  • Construction specifications
  • Assistance in the construction of the franchised unit
  • Supply of equipment and furniture for the franchise unit (if required & depending on locations)
  • Assistance in the pre-operational stage
  • Training to the franchisee’s staff
  • Preparation of the marketing campaign to launch the franchised unit in its territory.
  • Signage and other branding elements for the decoration of the franchised unit
  • Marketing assistance and support Operations and Management Manuals
  • Assistance in the supply and if needed 


31 Days training program
  • 14 - 21 days at headquarters
  • 7 - 10 days on-site (Soft Opening Training)
Site selection
  • Printed materials
  • Marketing strategies
Ongoing research and development
  • Pricing and promo schemes


  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee – KWD 11,000 
  • Area Development Franchise Fee – KWD 44,000 (for minimum 3 Units)
  • Ongoing Royalty – 8%
  • Advertising Fee 2%
  • Marketing Fund – 2%