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Mashawi offers great Lebanese cuisine in a unique, mellow atmosphere; the perfect setting for the enjoyment of an authentic cuisine; including tasty mezzeh, lovely appetizers, grilled-to-perfection meat platters, a host of moujanat, a wide range of coffees and freshly-squeezed juices, and daily lunch specials. Plus, a wide-array of shisha flavors caps a true Lebanese dining experience.

Mashawi infuses rich Lebanese cuisine with distinctive Arabic hospitality. From wide range of menu options, to smiling servers, creative offerings, to convenient locations, Mashawi goes the extra mile to make guests feel most welcome to Mashawi restaurants.

Mashawi’s core menu features are the famous authentic Lebanese food. The focus is fresh, quality ingredients, updated preparations and presentations of traditional favorite dishes. The highlight of the Mashawi’s gastronomic experience is its wide array of grilled dishes. Cooked slowly over crackling coal, Mashawi’s grilled specialties are consistently tender and juicy. Mashawi’s traditional, no-fuss approach in grilling brings out the natural flavors of the meat whether it’s lamb, beef, chicken, or fish. Mashawi’s menu also includes hot & cold mezzeh, moujanat, fried delicacies, desserts and beverages.


  • Exclusive license to use the Mashawi trademarks and trade dress in the franchised territory
  • Exclusive license to the use of the Mashawi marketing and operational systems
  • Assistance in the location selection
  • Construction specifications
  • Assistance in the construction of the franchised unit
  • Supply of equipment and furniture for the franchise unit (if required & depending on locations)
  • Assistance in the pre-operational stage
  • Training to the franchisee’s staff
  • Preparation of the marketing campaign to launch the franchised unit in its territory
  • Permanent support & assistance
  • Permanent marketing assistance and support
  • Operations and Management Manuals
  • Assistance in the products supply 


25 - Days training program
  • 10 - 20 days at headquarters
  • 3 - 5 days on-site
Site selection
  • Printed materials
  • Marketing strategies
Ongoing research and development
  • Pricing and promo schemes


  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee – AED 130,000
  • Area development fee is AED 325,000 for an Area Development agreement in addition to AED 65,000 as a franchise fee for each unit under the Area Development agreement .The Area Developer will pay upfront 50% of the initial franchise fee for each individual franchise outlet in its development schedule. Thus, the Area Development fee is AED 325,000 to be paid at the signing of the Area Development Agreement and the balance of AED 65,000 to be paid upon the execution of each subsequent individual agreement. 
  • Ongoing Royalty – 6%
  • Advertising Fee – 3%
  • Marketing Fund – 1%