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Danube Home is a one-stop retail destination for your complete home solutions, including both soft and hard furnishing including a complete range of; living, bath, lighting, kitchen, garden and outdoors.

Danube Home provides consumers with affordable luxury, which transforms their shopping experience into a convenience. Danube Home is dedicated to providing premium lifestyle solutions accompanied by service of the highest standards. Range, value, interior designing services and customizable products are the biggest strengths giving the customer a convenient one stop solution to make their dream home unique.

Danube Home’s goal is to penetrate into every possible market and increase product and brand visibility. Danube Home serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers.  The size of a typical Danube Home Boutique store is between 2,500 sq.feet and 3,500 sq.feet. The size of a typical Danube Home Mega store is between 25,000 sq.feet and 40,000 sq.feet. The average customer flow is 50 – 80 customers per store per day.


  • Exclusive license to use the Danube Home trademarks and trade dress in the franchised territory
  • Exclusive license to the use of the Danube Home marketing and operational systems
  • Assistance in the location selection Construction specifications
  • Assistance in the construction of the franchised unit
  • Supply of equipment and furniture for the franchise unit (if required & depending on locations)
  • Assistance in the pre-operational stage
  • Training to the franchisee’s staff
  • Preparation of the marketing campaign to launch the franchised unit in its territory
  • Permanent support & assistance
  • Signage and other branding elements for the decoration of the franchised unit
  • Permanent marketing assistance and support
  • Operations and Management Manuals Assistance in the supply and if needed


Phase I — Training provided at a location designated by Danube Home:
Danube Home Management will provide franchisees with approximately 21 to 30 days of initial training at Danube Home headquarters or at a location designated by the Danube Home Management, beginning approximately 6 to 9 weeks before the franchisee is scheduled to open for business. Instruction will pertain to administrative, operational, and sales/marketing matters; it will also include a liberal amount of on-the-job training.  This training will be provided for the franchisee and two (2) to four (4) designated attendees.

Phase II — Training provided at the franchisee’s location:
On-site training typically takes place when the franchisee commences operations.  Experienced trainers from Danube Home will provide on-site training for a period of 15 to 21 days to assist the franchisee in the commencement of operations.

  • Site Selection
  • Operations Support
  • Accounting/Audit/Legal
  • Overall Program Oversight
  • Ongoing research and development
    • Pricing and promo schemes
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  •  Marketing
    • Marketing materials
    • Marketing strategies


  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee – AED 110,000
  • Area Development Franchise Fee – AED 285,000
  • Ongoing Royalty – 5%
  • Advertising Fee – 3%
  • Marketing Fund – 2%