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Cryotherapy is a unique and safe treatment taking the wellness world by storm!
It is the local or general exposure of the body to subzero temperatures to promote 5 key benefits:


Cryotherapy is now recognized as one of the fastest growing health concepts in wellness. The global wellness market is further forecasted to reach a total of $265 billion worldwide by the end of 2017.



When you franchise with °CRYO, we support you with:




The location of a °CRYO franchise is essential for the business to be a success. Our experience in opening in

various °CRYO business models in different locations has given us a framework that is fool-proof.

The ideal location for a °CRYO franchise is a high footfall, lifestyle destination defined by a number of factors:


The architects will help design your °CRYO space for maximum effectiveness.They will carefully consider aesthetics alongside treatment space.

The consumer journey in all of our centers adhere to °CRYO’s brand guidelines to ensure a seamless, proven expereince that feels the same and drives results worldwide.

  • cryo-franchise
  • cryo-franchise
  • cryo-franchise

°CRYO Science is a world class equipment innovator & manufacturer for all cryogenic applications. At °CRYO Science we focus on delivering the world's safest cryotherapy treatments for high volume commercial use, with the single objective of allowing you to thrive in your industry be it healthcare, sports, beauty or gastronomy.

°CRYO will provide you with all organisational, administrational, and operational recommendations, and will also handle the training of your staff so your business can operate at the highest level of excellence. They will provide you with a set of operating manuals, which contain all the information and requirements for running the establishment as well as copyrights for the trade name, trademarks, and systems.


Our Marketing Team, equipped with over twenty years of industry experience, will provide continuous support and guidance on all of your marketing and strategic needs.You will be provided with monthly marketing plans, based on the key learnings from °CRYO, that are tried and tested solutions proven to grow the business.


When you partner with us you also partner with :